Book Examples

These are the files you will need to reproduce the examples in the book.

  • Chapter 6: bible_en.xml, bible_es.xml, bible_zh.xml (get the files)
  • Chapter 7: datasets_ch7.mat, topicmodel_ch7.mat (get the files)
  • Chapter 8: datasets_ch8.mat (get the files)
  • Chapter 9: datasets_ch9.mat, map_usa.gif (get the files)
  • Chapter 10: randomvars_ch10.mat, bigram_model_ch10.mat, OliverTwist.mat, DonQuixote.mat, Pride&Prejudice.mat (get the files)
  • Chapter 11: datasets_ch11.mat, chap11_queries.mat, bilingual_data_ch11.mat, DonQuijote_spa.mat, DonQuixote_eng.mat, getscores.m (get the files)
  • Chapter 12: vector_model_ch12.mat, unigram_model_ch12.mat, randpermutations.mat, compute_loglirat.m (get the files) and polarity_dataset_v2.0.tar.gz @ (go to website)